Sunday, April 24, 2011

Starbucks however you want it frappuccino

I got this coupon when i went starbucks today.....

Promo: Free however you want it frappuccino

Redemption Date: 26April to 1st May

The coupon wrote i could obtain details in but i can't find the web site.
If u managed to find, do let me know. Thanks in advance ;)
BTW detail about the idea:


  1. i tried to find out for you but i can't find anything sorry :(

    wow u surely have a lot of skincare hauls too :) wonder which is ur top favorite?

  2. Hi Robin you are so sweet.
    I found it out this morning, we can order any fav frappuccino now. I ordered a chia tea frap this morning ;)

    I'm going to do a monthy or weekly fav n dislike now. To let all readers know what are the product that i bought which i like n don't ;)