Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ELF storage

Hallloooo... Gals, as you all know, i have being buying a lot of makeup from ELF... My present storage is already very full due to my Sephora and PnJ hauls in december. I got no choice but to go get more storage containers. I got 2 small (not very small la, but small compare to those i bought last year)

I stack this 2 small storage containers on top of my 5 tier one, they r really a lot smaller.. LOL 
Let's look at what's inside from bottom to top

 The top tier is for brushes storage, it containe most of my ELF brushes, i think i need to get a bigger storage container for my brushes if i want to store all of them together ( ELF, stage etc).

 The next one is my ELF ES at the right and bronzer with other face products etc on the left.

 The next one is my blushers both powder and cream on the right and on the left are liquid foundation and mineral ES and the lip stain which i used as cheer stain.

I skip the 1st blue tier as, they are some random pallets from NARS, Too face which i plan to reorganize soon. Below that random drawer is my ELF lippies, eyeliners, mascaras and curlers storage.

I have some lip gloss and a few lip sticks

Eyeliners and mascaras are stored in this box

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