Monday, May 16, 2011

Silk Whitia Mask

 Silk Whitia Quick Moisture 3 boxes (5pc per box) for $28 (up $20.90 per box)

I bought the 2 boxes from the quick range and 1 box from collagen range.

Silk Whitia Han Fang mask 2 boxes (5pc per box) for $12.90 (up $20.90)
I'm not sure why this range is cheaper when their original price is also $20.90 and they also exp around Aug 2012

This is how i keep them, LOL... squeeze all into a small bag ;)

Quick review:

All the silk whitia masks i bought can be for daily use, we need to leave the mask on our face for 15-20min then remove and rinse face with water.
I think their mask are good in general, but very troublesome to use as need to rinse after use.
I feel that once we rinse our face, we need to apply moisturiser. If not, our face will be dehydrate. So instead of carying out my troublesome skincare routine, i apply another paper mask after i rinse my face...LOL....

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