Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watson collagen intensive renewal facial treatment (review)

i bought 2 boxes of collagen intensive renewal facial treatment during the watson member sale few weeks back. They are going @ 2 for $20. I think they are still selling them at this price now, remembering seeing it at watson few days ago.

1 box suspose to be for a 28 days treament, each boxes come with 4 tubes of treatment essence (4 x15ml).

The essence come in palstic tubes.
The tubes are like eye drops but with the front part being longer as you can see in the picture.
I think the packaging is fine but i prefer a spray bottle so i could directly spray the content onto my face.
I tranfered the essence into my empty sheer secret container as shown in the picture above.

The essence is quite light and not creasy at all. Trasparent liquid.
I'm sure a box of it will last me more than a month. I have being using it for more than a month and i'm no where near finishing the 2 tubes that i have poured into my spray can.
Its only $2.50 per tubes, of course quality wise its not as good as the essence or serum (counter brand) i have being using but I personally feel it worth getting since its only $10 for a box and 2 tubes lasted me very long.

I usually used it with my hydrating serum or alone and it work fine with me. If u are interested to try it out, why not.

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