Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orange-bubble tea @ Clementi

I have heard a lot about orange and since I was at clement over the weekend I can’t leave the bubble tea hub ( that’s what my friend and I call clement) without at least a cup of bubble tea in my hand… LOL…
There are at least 6 bubble tea stall in clement ( base on my knowledge). There are Koi, orange, Ok tea, sweet talk, bubble bubble ( I think that’’s the name if I don’t remember wrongly) and each a cup.

Orange bubble tea is located inside City Vibe Shopping Mall near Clementi MRT Station

I had milk tea with pearl and pudding. This brand is definitely as good as Koi, at least when come to milk tea. Can’t comment more as I have only tried the milk tea. The pudding is really nice, goes well with the pearls and tea. Definitely much better than cup walker.

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