Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nature republic haul

This is a super over due haul post. LOL... in fact i have already reviewed the body cleanser in this haul few days back.

oh well.... I went Nature republic again,  as i simply can't resist the 50% off storewide promo.. LOL...

I bought some makeup tools, sun block, body cleanser and a body lotion.

L to R:
UV lock energy anti-winkle suncream SPF33PA++ with 65ml of products @ $ 29. Its a Sunscreen that will prevent wrinkles at the same time.

Mother’s love you kids sweet honey lotion 180ml @ $18.50. I bought it because it smell so nice… LOL…. It comes in a very cute container too….

UV lock anti-winkle sun cream APF 33PA++ with 65ml of products @ $ 22.40. Anti-aging sunscreen lotion that helps treat fatigued skin and can be used as a makeup base.

I didn’t realized I bought 2 anti-winkle sun block till I was home… lol.. oh well, no choice any way as when I was there, there are not many sun block left. I just bought the two cheapest ones in addition to the children sun block that I bought.

 Shampoo and body wash for babies, containing ingredients similar to mother's milk.

Mother’s love you kids bubble bath 345ml @ $18.50.

Mother’s love you baby sun block 65ml @ $16.40. I bought the sun block also because of the mild sweet smell. I bought 4 body wash (1 on top and 3 below)

I bought some makeup tools and a Micro Fiber Cleasing Glove (above) and this is what it claim: 
A gentle mirco fiber cleansing glove to shine your skin, leaving it smooth and clean.

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