Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ambush tomato @ jurong point

I have being told that the ambush tomato in juriong point is really good, reasonable price and good food.
i finally managed to got there....

We ordered: Garlic bread, sausages platter, squid ink pasta, see food pasta and
The garlic bread is made from focaccia bread, it think i prefered white bread with garlic than this as the garlic and the herbs from the bread do not complement each other very well. But i think garlic bread is still ok.

We had 8 mini fat sausages in the sausages platter, i really like the sausages but was not happy with the dip which is bbq sauce and honey mustard. I don't like sweat mustard, i prefer traditional mustard.

I ordered a squid ink pasta, i wasn't too impressed by the pasta as Its quite dry. The pasta was quite bland,  but it came with a generous serving of  sea food. The sea food pasta which my friend order was also average.

The nicest main course we had on that day was this sea food rice... Yummy Yummy.....Its filled with alot of seafood....

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