Monday, May 16, 2011

Grandma's restaurant

Grandma's  at Raffles City #B1-76

This is the 2nd time i have been to this place, the food in general is not bad but a bit to the salty side.
We ordered 5 dishes + 2 rice and 3 dessert ($0.60 each) and add up to be around $76 nett

The Otah on the left came really late when we are half way through our meal so most food are well dug into when i took the pic...LOL...

We ordered 2 vege, the Samba Sweet Potato Leaf was really salty but was really good

Fried prawn with salted egg yoke

 Fried chicken, the chicken is eally nice. Too bad they are served with not so impressive chili sauce

I have requested the chef to steam my Otah instead of grilling (which they normally do) it.  I had the grilled one last time and find it to be too dry. The steam version is really much better.

The $0.60 dessert, when u buy a dish, u get to buy one dessert at this promotional price. U get to choose between bobo chacha and Cendol

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