Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holika Holika Petit BB cream review

I have promise a reader to do this review… I’m so sorry that I took so long… I wanted to try a few more time before I start commenting ;)

I have bought the Pink (shimmering) SPF 45 PA+++ and the Blue (Clearing) SPF30 PA++ --

There are 5 different types of BB cream in the collection:

Orange (Essential) SPF30 PA++ -- It contains caviar and cacao that nourishes your skin.

Purple (Moisture) SPF30 PA++ -- It contains Narcissus that claim to have has super-moisturizing effect on your skin

Blue (Clearing) SPF30 PA++ -- It claim to have oil-control ability therefore suitbal for oily-skin.

Green (Watery) SPF25 PA++ -- It contains green tea extract and is non-greasy.

Pink (Shimmering) SPF45 PA+++ -- It contains pearl and has a shimmering effect.

All of them contain 30ml of bb cream

This is the pink one

This is the blue one

Pink one on the left and blue one on the right. The bb cream from the pink one look lighter than the blue one.

How I feel about them:

Pink (shimmering) SPF 45 PA+++

This bb cream has the highest spf among the 5. Its texture is rather light despite the high spf content. Though its colour is light, it rapidly blend into my skin tone when I applied. It does not have much coverage but was really easy to blend. Its does give a slight shimmering effect on my face. I do like it but I think I will used it as a tinted sunblock instead. I will not recomand it to anyone if they are looking for a bb cream with a decent coverage.

I must add on that, it does smell quite nice, nice mild sweetness….

Blue (Clearing) SPF30 PA++ --

This bb cream is susposed to be for blemishing skin, as it has a higher coverage than the rest, and is suspose to help to heal pimple. I can’t comment on the lateral as I didn’t having pimple problems when I was trying it.

Though it’s the darker one but it look whiter on my face than the pink one. I think the reason why its so is because its more diffcult to blend. Most of the bb creams I have used have the same problem. The higher the coverage the more diffcult it is to blend it.

The coverage for the blue on is slightly higher than the pink one but it’s a lot more diffcult to blend. I don’t really like it as I think my impress liquid foundation has a higher coverage then it minus away the blending problem.
If you are looking for a high coverage bb cream, the blue one may not be good enough, But if you are looking for one with an average coverage, its ok. Oh ya, this one also have a similar nice fragrance like the pink one.


Don’t think I will get the blue one again. May consider getting the pink one again.


  1. thanks for the review! i am looking forward for my next purchase time to buy holika holika

  2. finally hehe..
    thank you so much for wiling to do a review for this product..im live in malaysia and holika holika does not have a branch here..i am interested to try this product when i see another review of this product in another blog and this makes me excited to try it.. lucky me,a friend of mine will going to seoul soon so i told her to buy me this product there..cant wait to try it!! thank you again for this great review!! =)

  3. Welcome ;) do let me know how u find them