Monday, May 2, 2011


Mother love you baby sun block from Nature republic.

It claims to be a mild sun cream for babies and contain ingredient similar to mother’s milk. It’s a sun block for face and contained spf 25.

My opinion for the product:

The main reason for buying the product is because if its fragrance. I really like the mild sweet fragrance of the products. Some people may think spf 25 is too low, but I think its enough for me as I don’t work under the sun.

I usually go for sun block with lower spf because they are less oily and sticky. Thought the sun block is meant for baby, there is nothing-exceptional special in term of its texture. It’s not lighter in texture than adult’s sun block. Overall, I like the product, nice fragrance not too thick as it’s of low spf. BTW, I used it on my hands and legs. For face, I normally use bb cream of foundation and both have spf.

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