Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first sonia rykiel purchase

i have seen Sonia Rykiel in Vivo Tangs and BHG bugis before but was never attracted to it. I was never 
interested in this brand before as no one i know have every mentioned that they like this brand.

 I was window shopping in Vivo Tangs last week and walked by the sonia rykiel counter and was greeted by a soft spoken and polite SA. She's really nice though i have told that i'm only looking around. She let me tested their gel foundation, the texture of the foundation was so smooth and light that i immediately like it.

 I bought the gel foundation #20 along with their old casing, The old casing is now $29. I got the last on in the counter, it doesn't come with a box. Oh well... no choice


The SA offer to give me a generous GWP with my humble foundation and casing purchase of $100.
Since i was there, i decided to check out their skincare as well. In the end i top up my purchase to $180
 and got 2 set of GWP.


  1. Hi, i saw sonia featuring in jap magazine before but ya as u said not very popular here
    what's the GWP the kind SA gave you dear? it seems the end of your post are cut off so the word stopped at "top up"

  2. Hi Sweetjan,

    when i was uploading, there are some problem with my internet connection and i was unable to upload the GWP pic. i will go and see if i could do it again this week.