Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy mask haul 3

I think this should be my last mask haul for this month (finger cross)

I have bought:

Love More Envelope Series (Pink)

It contains 7 different types of masks, one pc each.

The 6 types of masks
Australia Agar-agar Lifting Mask

Japanese Pearls Firming & Whitening Mask

Diamond Super White Mask

Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening Mask
Provence Lavender Nighttime Whitening Mask

Apls Spring and Phytoncide Moisturising Mask

Black magic white power lifting mask + 5cm neck care (with ear hooks)

I also bought another box of Love More Envelope Series (purple)

I simply can’t get enough of these masks…. LOL…

I did a massive haul from SaSa again… bought many boxes of silk whitia masks.

Silk Whitia Quick Moisture 3 boxes (5pc per box) for $28 (up $20.90 per box)

Silk Whitia Han Fang mask 2 boxes (5pc per box) for $12.90 (up $20.90)
Last but not least......
Kitoko Kalani Face Mask : 10pc face mask + 3 eye masks @ $19.90 in west mall spring's fair

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