Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy Mask Haul 2

 For those who have being following my blog will notice that I’m in the masking mood again. Yes again, I have being doing mask daily and being buying a lot… LOL…

I found these limited edition lovemore masks at selected Watson (United Square and Paya Lebar).

7pc for $9.90. I think its a lot cheaper than the regular ones which are selling at 5pc for $9.90. Plus the 7th pc in the limited edition set is a premium one which is longer and is not available in Singapore.

In general , I like Lovemore mask way much more than my beauty diary. I think it’s better in term of the paper quality and the essence.

Love More Kiss 3D Mask Series (Purple; all mask with ear-hooks)

Japan Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask X2

White Crystal & Platinum Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask X2
Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Peptide Duo Lifting Mask X2
Red magic white power lifting mask + 5cm neck care X1

The masks come in a cute paper box that look like a hang bag ;)

Bought a box of beauty mate mask, 7pc for $13. i bought the Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (purple).
It contain hydrating and whitening black pearl powder plus various plant extracts to keep skin beautifully moisturized with a radiant and translucent glow. Vitamin C hastens skin whitening and nourishes skin for a noticeable improvement in overall skin health.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

Face Q Masks , they are from the same people that create My Beauty Diary Mask
Face Q mask sheets are made of 100% wood pulp to allow for better absorption of the essence by the skin.

I bought the  Blue; Ocean + Aloe Mask (left) and pink; Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 Mask (right)

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