Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rock Candies in Singapore

Other than mask,. i'm also obsess with rock candies this month. I have hunted the whole of Singapore and only managed to find 3 brands... If you know of other brand please let me know.. k?

Sticky: nice candy with a not so nice boss.

I love the rock candy from sticky mainly because their candies are bigger compared to the other 2 brands. However i really don't like to go to the shop in Central to get them. The lady boss is really unfriendly. My friend who went with me twice keeps asking why her face must be so black. The packaging change but the black face never. LOL.. BTW when we 1st bought sticky, it didn't come with a zip blog bag.

 The pricing for stick is also quite strange; the assorted ones are a lot more ex than the single favor ones despite having the same amount of candies. My advice is you either buy a few favors and shared with your friends or get the assorted ones when they are the monthly specials.

Got this assorted at only $2.90 as its the montly special

Made in candy
Rose and peach; rose is my friend favourite. CP for him when i went...lol...
The candies are much smaller but i think they have very interesting nice favour as compared to sticky. However the candies are more brittle so keeping them in my bags for too long tend to cause them to break into small pieces more easily than sticky. Favour wise, they are definitely more superior than sticky.
The sale person was really nice, packed an assorted jar for me on the spot. i also bought the mother's day special.

They charge by weight so regardless of what favour. Even assorted ones are not more expensive.
So i bought 2 packes of mix... LOL... Really like them.. being eating it since i got it ;)

Look at their web sites for more details:


Currently they have 2 outlets one in united square
(101 Thomson Road, United Square #B1-06) and another Tanjong pagar.

Sweet enchantment

The last one I will be talking about: is sweet enchantment; it’s the most ex among the three. Mainly because they only sell their candies in glass tin and they claim that their candy is 100% natural so can’t put in zip blog bag.

Their sweet is quite nice, especially the orange favour rock candies. But in general, they are less sweet than the other 2 brands and in fact some of the favour are quite bland. BTW, beware of irritating sale gals that keep replying all your question with: …. because our candies are 100% natural… LOL….

I bought the citrus mix ( large ones) and melon. BTW they usually don't do mix, citrus mix is one of the few exceptions.

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