Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Korea trip Part 1 ( just realised that i have left this out...LOL)

I love new staff, never hesitate to try new things.. Haha.. be it skin care or food.. This part of the blog, i'm going to devote in telling u gals what i consume.. lol..

I found this pic in the following website:

I tried the orange and the the berries fav, diff fav contain different vitamins n minerals.
The orange fav  conatin Vit C and berries is high in anti oxidants. They are not very sweet, in fact quite bland, good for quenching thirst. I really like it...

I had this drink call 2%, i bought a pink cap one and its peach favor, its tast exactly like the  pink dophine we have in singapore...

In addition, me the coffee addict also went to multiple cafe for coffee...


i went to a few in korea, in fact the 1st shop i went to is starbuck when i alight from the plan. i wanted to get a tumber that is koeanish but not from the limited edition country specific collection.

I finally found this baby in starbucks of a factory outlet.

It cost 14k(w) and coem with a free drink. I got a strawberries and carem frapp wich is not avaliable in singapore.. It taste like strawberries milk shake. Nice ;)

Tom and Toms

We have this in Singapore too... I went there once when i'm in Seoul..

Coffee beans

They have the most beautiful cafe i ever seen.. i saw the building when i cross  the road to get into the bus. No time to take a pic but found one from a blog. I think it look nicer at night when i saw it... LOL...

Pic obtained from:

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