Wednesday, January 12, 2011

101 ways of saving

I'm currently on project saving.. LOL..
I didn't really cut down on my expenditure, I'm just trying to get the maximum out of my samples.. LOL...

I got the Purenavi Cleansing set (Gel) from the sample store recently.

A pic of the full size products 

A pic of the pack of samples i received

I transfer the sachets content into tubes

Sample Set Includes

3 sachets of makeup cleansing gel, 
3 sachets of facial cleansing gel, 
3 sachets of facial cleansing serum - non-foaming

I transfer the content from the sachets into the tubes as shown on the 2nd pic.
I realized that my samples last longer when i do so. 

3 sachets of the cleansing gel can fill up 2 tubes and each tube is more than enough for 8 usage.
The cleansing gel is quite gentle and clean pretty well. I really like it.
It doesn't contain any fragrance.
The makeup cleansing gel is pretty useless, it can't really remove makeup. I'm not the only one that think so, i have come a cross some bad reviews about it.

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