Monday, January 3, 2011

SKIN 79 Sun Protection Balm moist SPF 50+/PA+++

Still remember my skin79 sun protection balm that i got from my goodies back last year?

I have being using it and really like it.. lol..

 It come in a reddish pink tub, the sponge is separate from the sun block. When i first saw the sunblock, i though the container was empty, the content only fill a small portion of the container.. LOL..

To use , all you need is to use the sponge and take up a bit of the content and apply on your face. I like this appliaction method, i find using my finger digging into the product unhygienic .

Thought the container do not have a lot of products, but i think it will last quite a while as you really use very little per application.

The cream looked like a tube of frozen hazeline snow cream, look thick.
However, when you applied it on your face, its spread well and its not thick at all.
In fact its not even greasy.
Its quite unbelievable that a sun block with spf 50 is so light and not greasy.

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