Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paul Frank Lip Smacker

I think most of your gals know that the Paul Frank Lip Smacker is available in Watson.
Its definitely alot cheaper if you buy from the lip smacker web sites but as u know, unless you buy alot, if not its not worth the trouble. LOL..
i just want to help you gal to make informed decision when getting them over at Watson.

The products above are available in Singapore and i got pic form the Lip smacker US website
All the products are at $3.95 USD.

Prices in Watson:

Paul Frank Lip Smacker® Duo Collection with Topper @$9.90
Paul Frank Lip Smacker® Lip Gloss  @$6.90
Paul Frank Lip Smacker® Lip Gloss Pot @$7.90

Interestingly, though they all cost $3.95USD online, they cost differently at Watson. LOL...

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