Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes another ELF haul

Hi gals, i hope you are not sick of my ELF hauls.. I got another delivery yesterday... LOL.. Crazy crazy.. LOL..

The brown one is the delivery, look how much bigger it is compared to the white one that arrived on friday.

This time round i only bought a bag of goodies... LOL.. No not because my sis bought more this time.. its because i bought many gift sets...

One pile of gift sets... LOL...

 Oh... and this one as well... This is one of the celebrity picks.. I don't know who the celebrity is, she 's call Kim..
This is what inside

The Kim-pact includes: Element Compact, Element Eye in Mocha, Element Lip in Cinnamon, Element Lip in Sugar Plum, Element Face in Coy, Blush Brush, Lip Brush and Eyeshadow Brush.

I did it again, i did not check what is inside the set before ordering, there are actually 2 lip products in it. Errrr...These items are under the elements session in the ELF web sites, allowing you to custom made your quads.

Oh, well.. i quite like the print of the ES and bronzer..LOL..

I'm going to show you what in the bag then the gifts sets....

 Yes more brushes, i got a powder brush from the mineral collection as well...which is the yellow one...

Few eye shadows....

My sis and i really like the Luscious Liquid Lipstick, so we order more this time. i ordered 5 and she order quite a few as well.

I ordered 3 shimmering face whips.

Here come the gift sets.......

 I bought another 3 get the look gift sets

 This is the Get the look, purple perfection

 Three mineral ES sets

The Basic brown set

 The double shadows kit

 Finally the eye encyclopedia

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