Monday, January 24, 2011


This is my first time getting Nars online. Before this, all i own was a NARS blusher which my friend cp for me when she went on her business trip.

 I was thrilled when i received my delivery on friday. Its was a happy friday for me, i got a total of 4 deliveries that day. ;)

 The parcel was definitely not as impressive as the illamasqua one (all balck etc).. lol..

 My purchase come with 3 samples, they added them in automatically when you check out. that's nice.. Heheee

 I bought the Only You eye and cheek palette. In general, i prefer eye and cheek palette, i hate palette with lip products in it. I don't like the idea of, my es or blusher powder getting into my lip one. its just a personal preference.
 The palette is  not in  the usual black plastic that will become Eeee with Singapore weather.. this is one of the reason i bought this palette come in a limited edition, sleek zippered compact.

Eye shadows in Alhambra I, Mekong, Eurydice I, Pandora II 
Blush in Hungry Heart I, Orgasm 

My stupid camera actually make the 2 middle colour look average, in actual fact, they very very pretty...

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