Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kenzo Haul

I drop by Robinson center point after i bought my book from kino on thursday.
Robinson is having a Chinese new year promo, you get a direct off set of $20 with a minimum of $200 spending at the beauty session.

I bought 2 bottles of kenzo bamboo serum

My forever generous SA never fail to pamper me with GWP ;)


  1. celebrate early CNY, a lot of hauls arriving at your doorstep :) have fun with makeup

    speaking of kenzo, i heard they are generous with sample too. is it ok to ask which SA serve you? because the other day my sister went but the SA like not very friendly, thought of getting a friendly SA and so we won't leave the counter heart broken :(

    can i also ask if the bamboo skincare is your top favorite or u are trying new item? sounds interesting..coz this brand is not like very known for skincare? thanks!

  2. Hi Robin,

    The bamboo skincare is my top favorite. I have being using it for quite a while. I think Kenzo skincare is not very well known in Singapore but i heard its quite popular in Europe (one of the Kenzo SA told me). On and off, when i go to the counter to stock up my skincare, i do see expats buying...

    I don't get from a particular SA. But I only get my stuffs from the locals SA, they r in general more friendly. Drop by Taka or Robinson center point, the local SA there are really nice.