Friday, January 14, 2011

Dress Me masks

I have being doing a lot of online shopping recently. i shop mainly from USA website. The only local online shop i bought stuffs from is The sample store (

I bought Dress Me masks... Its another Taiwan mask. selling at $1.05 per pc. Total of 7 types available there.

1. Moisturizing; Refreshing Mask (clear. Balance. Revitalize) 

2. Silky; Soothing Mask (clear. Moisture. Soften) 

3. Oil Control; Purifying Mask (clear. Moisture. Refresh)

4. Soften; Clarifying Mask (clear. Moisture. Revive) 

5. Revitalizing; Firming Mask (clear. Balance. Renew) 

6. Whitening; Brightening Mask (clear. Moisture. Tighten) 

7. Whitening; Revive Mask (clear. Balance. Restore) 

I bought all 7 types to try.. LOL.. I didn't buy all of them at one go, i bought 6 first and another 1 later.

5 Dress mask and samples.

The 6th one is the moisturizing; Refreshing Mask. As you can see, i have used it.

I like it, it does not have a very strong fragrance and its very moisturizing. Its better than my beauty diary ;)


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