Sunday, January 23, 2011

illamasqua as promised

I was really thrilled when i received my illamasqua haul, though its a very small one with only 2 es and a powder eyeliner.

I bought these 3 items to try out the brand and they r on promotion (50% off)

I'm super impressed with their packaging... Everything is in black, all the way from their products to the shredded paper.. SO posh... LOL..

The green ES-Yearn, to be honest, i was a bit disappointed with the colour, not the type of green I'm expecting.

But its not a ugly color la, what you see is what u get when it come to the colour of the products.  unlike some ES, which look different on the pot n on the eye or hand..(if u know what i mean).
Good pigmentation. The powder is very smooth, 100% worthy.

The  pink ES Tempt. I really like their packaging.

The Eyeliner cake-Devout

The delivery came with a small catalog

Art of darkness collection

These 5 items caught my eye, i'm still thinking if i should get them.. LOL... So beautiful...

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