Monday, January 17, 2011

Elf mini reviews

I make a few ELF purchase late and so far i have gotten only 1 haul. I'm really excited when my 1st haul came. i was so excited that i used a few of the products the very next day.. LOL..

I'm going to do a min review on the ELF products i used.

First of all is 2 of  their $1USD brushes, they are definitely not fantastic but for the price i paid, i think they are all right.

This is the Bronzing brush. I used it to apply bronzer and blush. i like the length of the handle, not too long nor short.

As you can see, the bristles are not very dense, but its still good enough for its function. The only thing complain i have for the brush is, it would be great if the bristle are softer. But its not as bad as UBU one that i own. ;p

The other brush that i have being using is the total face brush. Again, its also very dense nor is it soft enough. But its still a lot better than getting a the UBU brush i bought, i pay less than $4 including shipping for this  ELF while i pay about $10 for UBU.

Will i buy again? Yes, why not. Its cheap and usable.

The other ELF stuffs i tried are their makeup. Their $1usd makeup are way much better than their brushes. LOL..

I'm using their Bronzer in sun kissed (2401), i have heard a lot of this and was glad that my grab bag has one in it. FYI, the 50 items in the grab back are fix, no choice.. LOL..

 The swatch without flash
The swatch with flash

The bronzer is really smooth and is not very dark and has fine glitters in it. I have being using it as a bronzer or blusher

I really like it, i will definitely get another one when it hit pan.

I have also used one of the eye shadow in the grab bag. Its call butternut (2001), i have 2 very similar ES in the grab bag, i plan to give the other one to my friend.

I find the ES quite pigmented, in fact i prefer the ELF ones to NYX. I will do a more in dept comparison of the ES from NYX and ELF in a separate post.

I used the ELF 2302 glow blusher, its a peachy pink blusher.

Its a slide open blusher, i really really like the colour of the blusher. I fall in love with it the moment i saw it. LOL....

The swatch of the blush.

I also got the all over cover stick @ pink lemonade. I used the all over cover stick as a blusher, the product description stated that i can be used as a lippies or ES as well.

Its not as reddish as it look in the tube. It is  reddish pink and its quite easy to blend on the cheek.
The only complain i have for this product is the design of the container, i'm not sure if this particular one i got is faulty, i can't semm to be able to get the product out of the tube, i have being putting my finger into it.

 The last product i'm going to talk about is the Liquid lipstick.

The one i have being using is baby lips (211), my sis and i have order more of this in our recent haul. I really like it. I feel my lip was really moisturized after i applied.
Plus, I don't think its pigmented be to call a lip stick, its more like a lip gloss. Its not as stick as most lip gloss i have used, which is a plus factor to me.

This is how the product look like, its not very dark to being with.

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