Thursday, January 20, 2011

My illamasqua is here...

I'm sick at home.. LOL.. but i really have to share with you gals my joy.. I nearly give up on my super mini illamasqua haul. Just a few minutes ago, the post woman (yes, it’s a nice aunty that delivery our mail) just came knocking my door…

She delivered my illamasqua… my home internet is totally rubbish, I will upload my pic and swatches once I get to work on Monday..

Here is a link to their web site in case you gals want to get something.

Oh ya.. I only bougth one cream ES, one powder ES and an eyeliner powder.

Very minimum, just to try out the products. They are 15.50 pounds each, I got them when they have are at 50% off.


  1. get well soon Joel. :)

    so you are getting from illamasqua, this brand always intrigues partly it's not available in singapore hahah oops oops oops! :p

    u ship via vpost? how is the shipping like?

    i read a post on their satin primer from this blogger (i don't know her, i just google to get this review) and she made the satin primer sounds so good! wait..we can buy from asos right? how come u didn't buy from asos, my guess is limited range? anyway, here is review i am talking about

  2. Thanks Tiffany,

    I don't ship via vpost, i used their international shipping @8.5GBP
    You can get it from asos but i got mine from Illamasqua web site as they r having 50% off selected items back then.