Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hair dye haul n review

I just dyed my hair.. lol.. i used Kao Liese-bubble hair colour.

I make such a mess out of the whole process that i forgotten to take pic of the products etc.. LOL..
i think i will do a better job next time after this experience.. LOL

i bought Platinum Beige, it turn out to be brown for me. I got really black hair and I'm not surprise with the results. LOL...

I got the pic from :

Here is my review

Smell ( thumbs up)

The very first thing i want to comment is the smell for hair dye. As most of you gals know, most if not all hair dye have a very pungent ammonia smell. This products is no exception, but its not very strong. I dye my hair in an enclosed small toilet at home and i only sense the pungent ammonia after a while.
i guess if you have dyed your hair in the kitchen or any room that a airy, i don't think u can even detect the ammonia smell at all.
Apart from the ammonia smell, the hair dye also produce a nice flowery smell. which i quite like.

Ease of usage (ok)

Its easy to use as its like shampooing your hair but keeping the foam in place  to ensure my hair is well coated  is difficult. The foam do drop off when i move my head.. lol..

Effect (thumbs up)

Though i did not managed to get the colour on the box, i'm still very please with the outcome of my dye.

Like i mentioned i got really black hair so its not easy to get colour into it even when i do it in a salon. My hair stylist always got to wash my hair a few time to remove sebum before putting the dye. He also steam my hair with the dye on it.

To add on, i did not wash my hair before i use the dye so i think the dye is quite good. LOL..


Watson is having sale now..

i bought a few more hair dye... lol.. will be using them in a month or so..

They are all with 20% off, in additional, some of the Palty ones come with a free gift. the 2 i bought come with  solid perfume

The pink one smell like rose water, i have not open the red one ;)

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