Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream

One of the first BB cream i own was The Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream.
Its supposed to have the following functions:
whitening, anti wrinkle and UVA-UVB sun protection (SPF25 PA++). 
It supposed to contain  various ingredients to moisturize and revitalize the skin like tangerine oil, ceraminde 3 and osmopur.

It is still one of my favorite  BB cream, it has a very good coverage and surprisingly it help to speed up the healing of my pimple. It never claim this ability in its product description i think, but it does for me. LOL..


  • It comes in a pump bottle which is  hygienic.
  • Usually  i only need 1 or 2  pumps of  products to cover my whole face
  • The only problem with the packaging is that you can't see the inside content so you won't know when it is hitting the bottom. (most Skin 79 products have this problems)
  • I'm not sure how the pump system work so can't tell if a lot of products are stuck inside in the end.


  • A grayish color  cream
  • I think this BB cream is meant for people with fair skin tone, but after few minutes of application it will be absorbs in the skin and self adjusts to my skin tone (medium). Not to a  perfect match but not very whitish .
  • I often dust a layer of loos powder over it to make it even nearer to my skin tone.

It's a bit thick, take a while to blend but once you blend it, it settle down and its not heavy on the face. I used it like a cream foundation.


Oil control ability is reasonably good , i get some shine only by later afternoon.

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