Monday, January 10, 2011

Mini Weekend Haul

I have not being to Bugis for a while.. LOL.. I went last weekend..  When i was at the drugstore products section in BHG.. Some thing caught my eye.. The word Clearance....LOL...

The stand that  sells proactive products was having a clearance sale, many products (due to exp date being very near) are going at $10 to $15.

I bought 5 boxes of  paper masks (3 hydrating and 2 collagen) and 1 tube of clay mask.
The SA from Bioessenc was nearby and told me that the blue hydrating mask was really good and she is using it as well. The masks are all @ $10 each.
The paper mask has no exp date written on them while the clay mask exp in Sept 2011.
I'm not sure what is the original  price for the clay mask, but the paper masks are $20 per box (10pc).

I have used both the clay mask and the blue mask... LOL.. The blue mask is really good.. My face is really hydrated after 20min...

I was given the above GWP for my purchase, among all the samples  is a full size (i think) BB cream ;)

Will let you gals know if the BB cream is good ;)

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