Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its possible to buy NARS online

Few days back, i decided to try my luck on getting NARS...

I just got an email form NARS that they have shipped my product (a palette only) to vpost..
I'm so thrilled... More NARS in the future...Yippy...

Here is a pic of the

NARS 'Only You' Eye & Cheek Palette

i got from

 Will take a pic of mine when it arrived.. I hope it will reach before CNY....


  1. hey Joel
    it's me again, hehe :)
    i thought i left a comment here before it's not shown..maybe a bug has happened, never mind, here i march in again hahaha

    congrats on your Nars! i always pray for nars to come to our sephora shore but this never happened..i wish to order online too. may i know what credit card you use to order that go through? like what i heard on mac online ordering, if we use the UOB lady card or something it can go through but not other card.

    thanks, Joel!
    show us your baby when it have arrived ok :))


  2. Hi, i used a citibank credit card. It doesn't work for drugstore and Mac online. I heard, DBS debit card can also be used for Mac online.