Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mask Mask

I have being a paper mask user for a long long time..
its good for lazy people like me. No need to wash after using.. LOL...

When i was in Korea, i discovered that they also have paper mask for hands and feet.
I don't know what got into me and i never bought any to try..

When i was back in Singapore, i went aound hunting for such masks.
I finally found....

They are quite ex, retaliing at about $5, but now, there is promo @$1.5 each.
I took the opportunity and grab 30pcs each.

I used them once, they are good. My hands and feet feel soft after 30min, but i forgotten to apply moisturize after doing the mask so the next  day the effect is gone. I must remember to apply moisturize after mask next time. lol...

Their face mask is also on promo, from $12 plus to $5 plus now.
I bought 1 box each to try.

Guardian masks are also on promo now, buy 3 for 2.

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