Tuesday, January 25, 2011

e.l.f. Essentials Beauty Encyclopedia Basic Eye Editions

This is the Beauty Encyclopedia i got recently, i bought the Basic eye edition, there are 2 other editions the Everyday Eye Edition and  the Sparkle Eye Edition. Which i bought as well.. LOL.. yap, they should be on their way soon...The  Encyclopedia is really compacts and these are what you have in it:

  •   step-by-step guide to eye makeup
  • 12 Eye Shadow Shades
  • 2 Cream Eye Shadow Shades
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • 1 Eye Shadow Brush
 The step-by-step guide to eye makeup

12 Eye Shadow Shades and 2 Cream Eye Shadow Shades

 Swatches for the 1st row of ES

Swatches for the 2nd and third rows of ES

Cream Eye, Eyeliner and  Eye Shadow Brush

Brief Review:

The ES....Its really pigmented and way more superior than the NYX ones i own. The texture of the powder is really smooth. Easy to apply and blend.

The cream ES is very faint, almost transparent. Its creamy but not very pigmented, i don't think they can be worn alone, they can only be used as a base for powder ES.

The eyeliner is the worst thing in whole set.. LOL.. I had used ELF eyeliner before and never had any good experience with it. It don't stay for long on my eye, less than half a day it will be gone

Overall i still think the encyclopedia is worth getting as the ES is really good and you only pay like $5USD (excluding shipping charges) for 12 ES. The cream ES are good as base colour. I think if you have non oily eye lid, the eye liner may work fine too.

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